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Winter Wonderland

It gets cold up THERE. It snows up THERE. WHY would you EVER want to live THERE? Statements that we have heard repeatedly after announcing we were looking for a place up north near Lake Superior. We searched this region specifically because it does… Continue Reading “Winter Wonderland”

MUP Tour 2019 : League of Michigan Bicyclists

July 7-13, 2019 Upper Penisula, Michigan Organized bicycle tours are a fun way to meet new people and forge life long friendships. Over a decade ago I participated in a ride across Oklahoma taking me from the Texas border into Kansas. One such encounter… Continue Reading “MUP Tour 2019 : League of Michigan Bicyclists”

Western Upper Peninsula – Michigan

West UP Michigan Meander Day 1    Ironwood to Upson, WI : 16 miles Day 2    Upson WI to Little Girl Point Campground : 22 miles Day 3    Little Girl Point CG to Porcupine WC  : 47 miles Day 4    Porcupine WC to Lake Superior… Continue Reading “Western Upper Peninsula – Michigan”

Victory Section of the Ozark Trail – Missouri

National Forest lands on the USA are an incredible treasure to be enjoyed by all. Finding flat, dry open areas to park the van for a few days is not always an easy task but we located this beautiful area at a trailhead. The… Continue Reading “Victory Section of the Ozark Trail – Missouri”

Upper Buffalo Mountain Bike Trails – Arkansas

The Salsa Fargo bikes had some “dry” fun out at Big Bend National Park but it’s time to see what these big boys are made of. Lets see how they do somewhere a bit more muddy. This NW region of Arkansas is incredible. For… Continue Reading “Upper Buffalo Mountain Bike Trails – Arkansas”

Beauty & the Beast

Oh how I’ve missed the open roads, the thrill of the ride, the peace and solitude of getting out on the bikes. Beauty and the Beast bicycle ride is a fabulous one day bike ride based out of Bullard, TX. It is hosted by… Continue Reading “Beauty & the Beast”

Gulf Coast Cruise

Could this be JKL – Just Keep Living? It is very possible, but the idea of continuing a daily blog/journal is a huge undertaking. I have so enjoyed the daily writing and photography that has been done these past 2 years 7 months and… Continue Reading “Gulf Coast Cruise”