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South Dakota

We would have never guessed the fun and adventure we would encounter in South Dakota. We enjoyed incredible scenery, epic & grand views, majestic animals and fun with family. We spent May 30, 2019 through June 6, 2019 in South Dakota. Typically we do… Continue Reading “South Dakota”

Friends We’ve Never Met Before – Colorado

The world really is a very small place and meeting friends for the first time is FUN! Although we’d never met before, it was as though we’d known each other for many MANY years. A couple of years ago we were introduced to Jenn… Continue Reading “Friends We’ve Never Met Before – Colorado”

Mark Twain Natl Forest Fun – Missouri

It’s been a rainy spring, a very rainy springtime and many areas are flooded out. But this wouldn’t stop us from having some fun, both hiking as well as cycling. We want to ride some of the Ozark Trail and there is access to… Continue Reading “Mark Twain Natl Forest Fun – Missouri”

Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

“I’m going to run a marathon”, those words tumbled out of my mouth as I slowly pedalled my way up a steep Peruvian mountain pass. I could only think of one marathon that I would even be remotely interested in doing, the Oklahoma City… Continue Reading “Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon”

Kerrville, Texas

Easter weekend, three days of cycling through the hill country of Texas and a chance to get together with my kiddo, Mike. Yea, he’s in his mid thirties but he will forever be my kiddo. Mike’s bride is visiting friends in Washington so he… Continue Reading “Kerrville, Texas”

Big Bend National Park

Springtime in Texas, an explosion of flowers and this spring showed Spring in all it’s bright and bold colors. The van is liveable and we left Aransas Pass, TX on April 9. It’s time to check out the comfort of our new home after… Continue Reading “Big Bend National Park”

The Ides of March

Van conversion has consumed our waking days and the project is coming along very nicely. Check out the tab above “Van Life” for the on-going build out. We hit the road on April 7, 2019 and what is done will be done. A few… Continue Reading “The Ides of March”

From the road

Our discovery of the Americas is winding down and WOW!! what an adventure it has been.  We have purchased flights back home, leaving South America on January 18, 2019.  At that point this journey of the America’s will end.   A new chapter in our… Continue Reading “From the road”

Return to Medellin

Lethargic depression is what we call it, that longing ache to get back to our lives.  We had only been stateside about 2 weeks when it started creeping into the far reaching corners of our mind.  We missed the every day routine, seeing new… Continue Reading “Return to Medellin”

Camping Texas Style

  We have a few new items, replacements that we needed to make while we were stateside.  Not wanting any surprises in a negative sense once we hit the mountains of Colombia and beyond, a shakedown mini-camping tour is just what we needed. We… Continue Reading “Camping Texas Style”